Way to payment
Payment by bank cards
The customer can choose to pay by credit or debit card, performing the operation at the time of order. At www.comidamundialfood.com the system called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is used, a payment system in a secure environment since it allows the encryption of the information transmitted during the transaction, ensuring its confidentiality. As a measure of protection against fraud, THE CONTROLLER could request by means of an email to the clients the sending of additional documentation to certify the identity of the buyer as the legal owner of the credit card. Said accreditation may be attached digitally in pdf or jpg format in the same email in which it is requested, in order to speed up the order validation procedures and proceed to send it as soon as possible.
PAYPAL The customer can choose to make the payment through PAYPAL if he has an account. The charge will appear in your PAYPAL account duly identified with our website. PAYPAL ensures that the payment is secure. PAYPAY does not share the buyer's details with the seller.