About us

www.comidamundialfood.com is the online tool of Sevilla Sanfer Distribución. Its mission is to bring a selection of outstanding products to those customers who are looking for old flavors that their memory preserves, or new gastronomic experiences to discover. Behind, a handful of immigrant families that preserve the best of their ancestral culinary traditions in their know-how. Fifteen years guarantee our trajectory in commercializing Argentine products, to which we have added Latin American foods and beverages, paying attention to the great demand for these products throughout Europe. Not all the products we sell are in the Online Store. Our goal is to serve both individuals and professionals products of recognized quality in a timely manner, in a safe, efficient and prompt manner. We do retail and wholesale. If you cannot find your product on our website, send us an email to info@comidamundialfood.com telling us what you are looking for and we will be happy to assist you. We can surely provide you with an adequate solution to your concern.